Yang Tse Kiang-Mamali Magnet

Yang Tse Kiang is a musical journey made for relaxation and peacefulness but not quite a lot! It also invites audience to have some mindfulness moments while listening to it. So sometimes it tries to bring you out of the comfort zone by adding some unusual elements or powerful musical phrases to the texture of the music. Just a little bit of a reminder to keep you aware while everything else tries to make people “comfortably numb”.

This album take its track names from different famous rivers in different countries. This is an effort to emphasise how divers and beautiful is our planet so this album is trying to be the same. Divers and colourful but at the same time a little bit harsh as the life on earth can be struggling sometimes. The only exception is track number 6, Sadaf, that’s the pure love!

I humbly invite you to join me on this mysterious, musical journey.

Mamali Magnet has been born in Tehran, Iran, 1976. He has been graduated in Cinema (filmmaking) from The Art University of Tehran but his entrance to the art world was along with music. His enchantment to the electronic music sound was unbreakable from his childhood. He was active in several rock and pop music bands as the keyboard player. While making music video clips, video arts and other cinematic activities had fascinated him but more than anything else he was devoted to keyboard playing and composing music. But the revolutionary and throbbing atmosphere of those years of Iran didn’t let any musical talents to grow at all and most of the rock bands which were active in the basements (called underground music) eventually died and buried in the same place. Afterall Mamali emigrated from Iran and settled down in Sweden. In the recent years and after several different film projects, he started to write music for film. Tooman (OST) was his first attempt to compose an original soundtrack for a long future film. This experiment became an aperture for him to come back to the music world and start again. The result was an LP named Desert Wolves. In this LP he has tried to become a voice for the loss and disorientation of himself and his generation fellows throughout these years.